Tattooed hate girls: Are tattoos on women an attempt to repel men? One misogynist says yes.

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I don't think the Militant Baker cares if her tattoos are offputting to assholes. I don’t think the Militant Baker cares if her tattoos are offputting to assholes.

Misogynists hate, hate, hate it when women get tattoos. They just can’t all agree on why. The standard misogynist line on tattoos for women is that they are all, essentially, “tramp stamps” – a way of broadcasting that the woman displaying them is a slut, a skank, a whore. You know the drill.

But the “alternative right” racist/sexist/homophobe who goes by the handle agnostic has a rather different take. In a post on his blog Face to Face, he argues that women with tattoos are actually trying to broadcast their Puritan prudery.

Tattoos, you see, are just plain ugly, and help to accessorize a dreary look designed to repel men.

Notice how those girls dress in drab, dark monochrome colors, wear no girly jewelry, and sport flat hair rather than Big Hair. Their sassy…

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Smell of the sea


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As a child I saw the sea
unfurling its gown
upon the grainy doorstep
of an abandoned shore
I found beauty and courage
In its nature, so untamed
wistful, gluttonous
She was my first love

As the sand slipped off
of my longing hands
I grew to love her more
I loathed her much of
my time, but my love
was strong as ever
I never uttered it
But it truly was

As I followed her line
Curving along the shore
The mornings came
And the evenings went
Some days the waves
Almost swallowed me
Some days the tide
Seemed miles away

As I pulled aside
My velvet curtains
To observe her
Basking in the sun
White lights blinding me
From her restless surface
My gaze got blurred
From my tears of joy

As I lost myself
In her soothing current
And cooling garments
I became possessive
I carved my initials
Into her thigh
When I rested my head
In her soft lap

As her beauty never faded
Time took a toll on me
Bones got brittle
Eyes got somber
And I longed for a time
When I was carefree
Intoxicated by her
And the smell of the sea

Eurovision Song Contest 2013


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So last night we had the finals in Eurovision Song Contest. Denmark won so I am absolutely stoked, especially because I actually liked the song.

To those who do not know what Eurovision is, it is a huge European music event we throw every year. The participating countries have had their national song contests picking out a contestant and their respective song, then they perform at the Eurovision in May.

This year, we competed with the song Only Teardrops by Emmelie De Forest which seriously was a great song. Perhaps I like it so much because of the tin whistle, I love me a great tin whistle. But her voice was also great so I understand why she won.

Emmelie De Forest performing Only Teardrops

You should check out the song if you get the chance.

My other favourites were Moldova (Moldovan Lady Gaga), Romania (Techno Countertenor) and Iceland (Well-groomed Thor).

Now if you will excuse me, I will scream Only Teardrops for at least a month.

Neko out!

10 things you did not know about me



Since the Imaginaerum thing is taking longer than I first thought it would I will not let you wait for posts. I am after all trying to post several posts a week. Not necessarily every day, but at least 3 times a week.
Anyway, today I passed by my friend Mia Malene’s blog and she had just made a post about 10 things people did not know about her. And I thought it would be fun to do one myself so here we go:


  1. I have an extreme fear for big dogs. When I was a child, a dog locked its jaws around my arm. It did not bite me, so I have no scars, but it still traumatized me as hell. When I get to know them better, it usually goes away though, but I have been immobilised by fear from the mere sight of a big dog.
  2. When I listen to music I imitate playing instruments, whatever it is. So some times very often you will see me play air violin, air drums or air piano, usually while lip-syncing the song as well.
  3. I am ridiculously addicted to chocolate.
  4. My weird food habits will get their own spot: When I eat hot wings I everything from the bones, even the cartilage. When I eat pan-roasted salmon, I eat the skin as well. Two of my weirdest guilty food pleasures are carrot sticks dipped in crème fraiche and chips (as in FRIES, ‘mericans) dipped in milkshake.
  5. I have a skin condition called rosacea making me look like I am perpetually blushing if I do not wear make-up.
  6. Instead of putting words to certain emotions I make cat noises that fit the emotion, i.e. growling or hissing when annoyed or mad, purring when happy and so forth.
  7. Sex is a very easy topic for me to talk about, and no matter how much one tries it is hard to make me flustered.
  8. Languages I really want to learn: Finnish, Russian, Icelandic and Japanese.
  9. Piercings and tattoos fascinate me and I will probably have several of both one day. I already know that my first tattoo will be some combination of a mute swan (Danish national bird) and a whooper swan (Finnish national bird).
  10. I watch Eurovision and I like it!

Imaginaerum – An introduction



Okay, now that the film has finally been released on DVD, I will soon begin a three-part series on Imaginaerum by Nightwish.

It will go like this: First I will make a post on the studio album from 2011, then one on the soundtrack album and finally one on the film.

But first an introduction on the subject and why I REALLY want to make this series:

First of all, I am a huge Nightwish fan and have been so since their 2007 album Dark Passion Play when my friend introduced me to them. Over the course of the next six years I would go from casual fan to “OMG THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BAND IN THE WORLD”-esque fan. I have cooled down, but I still consider them in my top 5 of favourite bands.

Concept albums is another thing that fascinates me. I have the utmost respect for artists who understand how to make an album with a subject or a “plot”, and I especially like it when they somehow expand on the concept and create other things alongside it with the same focus, such as The Unforgiving by Within Temptation which was followed by a series of comics or The Wall
by Pink Floyd which told the story of Pink going through several traumatic events in his life that gradually made him isolate himself from the world and the people around him, a story that would later be adapted into a film.

So when I heard that the new Nightwish album was going to be a concept album with a feature-length film attached to it, I was beyond ecstatic.
Especially when I found out that the director would be none other than Stobe Harju, who has made some of my favourite music videos of all time by some of my favourite bands such as Poets Of The Fall, Lovex and of course Nightwish themselves.

So over the next couple of weeks I will – hopefully – make three posts about three significant parts of the Imaginaerum franchise.

I hope you will enjoy it.

The Winter War – Antti Tuuri


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Another book I read during the process of my big assignment was one by Antti Tuuri called “The Winter War”.

As the title suggests it is set during the war between Finland and USSR in the winter of 1939-1940. This was one of the worst winters for a long time in Finland and the Soviet troops were clearly not prepared for this as they entered Karelia without proper camouflaged artillery and uniforms. were very easy targets for the Finnish snipers and even though USSR ended up winning the war in the end, they suffered far greater losses in terms of troops than Finland did.

In the story we follow Martti, a young man from Ostrobothnia in Finland. He and his brother are going to Karelia because the Soviet Union has sent out a warning of war and sure enough soon troops start to invade Karelia. We follow them in their everyday life and on the battlefield until the day the war ends.

The story is rather brutally depicted, mostly because Tuuri has a very objective style. Although we are seeing it all from Martti’s point of view, it is written as if he was more of an indifferent spectator, perhaps a journalist than actually a part of the story. He does not speak from a perspective affected by his emotions, but rather from sheer logic and perhaps a Finnish view on the war.
And I quite enjoy this type of writing in this case. It gives the general view on the war, that sure, they did great in the war up until the end of it, but they are not necessarily proud of their deeds. It is part of their history, and history is to be remembered and preserved, but not necessarily in a positive way. It is as if Tuuri takes distance from the whole war, which does make a bit sense since he was not alive when the war was thought, but also because he does not want to be proud of this part of his country’s history.

However, when he writes from the perspective of a single person, experiencing all these things in the war, it still gets closer to us than we will probably ever experience it ourselves. We still get a small insight in his thoughts, which is mostly based on logic and ethics, rather than his own personal opinions. Nevertheless this gives us a personal mediator between the events of the war and us.

War is a terrible thing, no matter how you put it, but due to depictions in media, be it news or history books, it is often hard to fathom this. We see numbers of people dying, and although we see the amount of people hurt or dying, we tend to see it as only numbers, not as people. But literature can make us see the extent of war, because we are put into that world of violence and death. We get to know the people experiencing it and therefore the events hit us on a more personal level, helping us to understand that these are actual people dying, not just numbers on a sheet.

The book is very well-written, but the objective style made it hard for me to really get captured by the story. The fact that he takes this sort of distance to the events is a very healthy way to write about the war, but at the same time it makes the lead character come off as cold and indifferent and the depiction of war becomes somewhat raw and perhaps it comes too close for comfort, at least in my opinion.

I like it, but I would probably not re-read it, at least not until several years have passed, because it becomes too cold and too brutal at some points in the storyline.


Iron Man 3 (Some spoilers will occur)


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So Thursday I went to the cinema with Rasmus. He had gotten some free tickets through his work so we decided to go see the third Iron Man film.

Iron Man 3

I warn you, there will be some minor spoilers.

Let me first make one thing clear: Until about a month ago I had not seen one single of the films in the Iron Man franchise. I had seen The Avengers, but that does not exactly count.
I think it was because Marvel superheroes apart from X-men never really interested me, neither does mecha for that matter. So I just felt that it would be a waste of my time to watch it.

Then one night I came across the first film on my TV and decided to watch it because I had nothing better to do. And naturally I found myself handing slaps to my past self for not watching it earlier.

When my boyfriend asked me to go see the third film with him, I told him I had not yet seen the second one. So we watched that one together and that one SERIOUSLY disappointed me massively. It seemed so shallow compared to the first one so I feared for how I would react to the third one.

Nevertheless, I went with him and I’ve got to say that it was much better than the second one! It had a deeper plot, building on some of the events in “The Avengers”, and the villain, though his motif was a bit of a cliché, was so great. I am a bit sad that I was not able to watch it in 3D, as it tends to give me a headache, mainly because I have to take off my own glasses to wear the 3D-glasses, so we had to watch it in 2D. However the visual effects were mindblowing and it seemed that the makers had ensured that it would be great visually in both 2D and 3D.

The actors were all great:
Robert Downey Jr. once again shows that he was born for this role, even in this new slightly post-traumatic version, but I will not go into detail about that here. He is still his snarky old self, who works as his own comedic relief from time to time, but this identity crisis he goes through adds more depth to the character than the previous two films did.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts is still his voice of reason, but in this film she is also faced with Stark’s trouble to meet the necessary aspects of a relationship such as making time for each other and confiding in each other about what troubles either. These tensions create a great dynamic and thickens the plot in a better way than the second film managed to with the whole poisoning chest arc reactor thing.

Our main protagonists

Don Cheadle as Rhodey was one of the few refreshing things in the second film. I do not know why, but Terrence Howard in the first film bugged me a lot and I did not really connect with him. Cheadle on the other hand is wonderful in this role and I am glad he never becomes the comedic sidekick, at least not 100 % of the time. Do not get me wrong, he made me laugh my ass off a lot, but so did Downey Jr., so they seem equally prone to making mistakes and funny remarks, so he never becomes the laughing stock of the film, like Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan did in the second film. He gets to play a key part in the film’s climax alongside with Downey Jr. and Paltrow on the protagonist’s side.

Ben Kingsley as Mandarin does an excellent performance, in my opinion better than Downey Jr., but I cannot tell you why because it would reveal too big a part of the plot. But if you plan to go watch it, look forward to him in particular, because he is brilliant!

Some of the characters did rub me the wrong way, though, e.g. Aldrich Killian. Guy Pearce is great in this role, but Killian’s motifs for becoming a villain seriously bugs me. As this is revealed in the first ten minutes of the film I have no problem telling you: When his character is introduced he is portrayed as a nerdy scientist guy while the whole thing about him being an actual cripple is down-played to a degree where it is almost impossible to notice, when it actually has big influence on his motif for becoming involved in Maya Hansen’s research. So it seems that his reason for becoming a villain was that he was rejected because he was a nerd.
I hate the “nerd getting a inferiority complex and taking it out on the world” plot and I have always hated it, because it portrays nerds as these vengeful beings who will one day kill all of you if you are not nice to them. In short it sends this message that instead of picking on nerds you should fear them because one day they will maybe get back on you. We are never shown as someone to be respected, only something to patronise or fear. Stop this Hollywood.

Maya Hansen, played by Rebecca Hall, seemed rather flat. At first, her character appealed to me, because she was this intelligent female scientist, who plays a big part in the plot. But despite this key-role in the plot, she does not get quite enough screen time for us to understand her motifs and she ends up being only a half-assed attempt to create a character torn between good and bad.
Nevertheless, Hall delivered a great performance to a degree where I did not notice how cliché and one-dimensional this character was until I got home and reconsidered her part in the whole plot.

Flaws in the character building put aside, this film was great and I do seriously recommend it. Go watch it, if you get the chance, and preferably in 3D, if your head is not as much of an asshole as mine is on that part.

OH! And stay as the credits roll, you will be rewarded when they are done.




Sunlight trespassing my eyelids
It is another day, isn’t it.
Same stories and news
Same black and white hues
Despicable, incredible, unreliable
Human beings

Same bitter coffee, same fucking paper
Picture of a girl crying, someone raped her
Her clothes ripped
Her dignity stripped
Reduced, confused, abused
By disgusting beings

Why was she even out at night?
She shouldn’t have been drinking, right?
Journalists slut-shaming
Readers victim-blaming
Patronized, demonized, criminalized
By her fellow beings

Close the paper, don’t want to read it
See if content on the tele will beat it
Mad people gunning
Blood keeps running
People crying, lying, dying
All these beings

Every day I wake up in this insane world
Acting like a woman, treated like a girl
Bashed for being masculine
Encouraged to be feminine
Nagging, flagging, gagging
At my fellow beings

I will wear no masks of society
I will not join this travesty
A world of hate and felony
Racism and misogyny
Labelling, stapling, disabling
All these poor beings

You created these horrible forms
Calling them decency and norms
A choice so unfair
Conform or despair
Scolding, molding, folding
Mutual beings

At night when I go to my bed
I make a wish in my weary head
To dream of a place
Another time and space
Where all people walk and talk
As equal beings

I felt some resentment towards human kind… this often leads to poetry in my case.


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